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Everything you Need to Know about Securing Cloud Data


Saving photos, videos, and documents on computer devices is a thing of the past. There used to be hard drives filled with all kinds of information.

Today, people are more comfortable storing their files in the cloud. Cloud storage is something that is away from your devices and the files are stored on servers hosted by third-party providers.

The positives of storing files on the cloud are many. First, your devices won’t be cluttered. If your laptop or mobile crashes, you’ll still have the access to all your important files. Plus, the storage power is tremendous, so you don’t have to worry about the capacity.

The primary concern people have about cloud data is that files are stored in third-party servers. The fear of security breaches, hackers stealing your information is very real. The good news is cloud servers are more secure than your computer storage. Because cloud secured data uses robust security measures to protect information.

What is Cloud Storage and Security?

Today, the cloud is everywhere. You’ve probably used it more than you think. Ever watched a Netflix series or written something in Google docs? Well, then you have utilized the cloud space.

In basic terms, the cloud refers to the delivery of hosted services including software, hardware, and storage on the internet. So basically, the storage is away from your devices. The files are saved on servers hosted on third-party platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. You can access these files through the internet.

Cloud security refers to security, protocols, policies used to protect the data from external threats and breaches.

Is the Cloud Secure?

In the current scenario, it seems natural to save your files in the cloud. But it’s also natural to feel protective of your information. After all, you are saving crucial information away from your computers.

Are you wondering how vulnerable you are to the attacks?

To tell you the truth, your data is secured in cloud servers more than on your computer devices. Hackers can use phishing and ransomware attacks to hack your devices and hold you for ransom for money.

The security measures utilized by companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft are robust and it’s difficult for hackers to get hold of your data. The reputation of these companies depends on how secure they keep their data and hence strict security measures are deployed.

What Makes the Cloud Data Storage so Robust?

The servers are located on third-party platforms and hence no one has access to your files. Next, the files are encrypted, making it difficult for hackers to hack the servers.

Constant Security Updates

You often receive notifications to update your operating systems, security firewalls, browsers, and other services. The updates are made for a reason. The bugs are resolved primarily to solve the security issues. But you rarely update your devices.

But ignoring the updates is a big no in the cloud security world. Companies storing your data, regularly update their security and build systems to prevent themselves from future attacks.

With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about running an update. The hosting company will do it for you.

Using AI Tools for Auto-Patching

Cloud service providers are tuning into artificial intelligence to protect their data. With the amount of data created every day, it’s difficult to oversee the data manually. Cloud service companies turn to AI to solve this problem. At least at the basic security level, AI is used to analyze data and usual threat patterns to seek possible vulnerabilities.

Built-in Firewalls

Firewalls, which can either be software and hardware-based, apply some rules to let the traffic in. Only the traffic following the rules is welcomed inside. This makes it difficult for hackers and attackers to slip in some malware and viruses past it.

The technology is used to keep your files safe behind a protective wall.

Backed-Up Data

Most cloud service company copy your data and store in different data centers. So the chances of your data getting lost are very little.

4 Tips on Improving your Enterprise Cloud Security

Below, we’ve listed four tips on improving enterprise cloud security

1) Encrypt cloud data

You need to ensure that your cloud data has been properly encrypted. Opt for a two-factor authentication method if necessary. This helps you restrict data to only those with proper authorization.

2) Have Recovery Plans

Security breaches can destroy your data or make it unusable. Your businesses need proper backup and recovery plans to mitigate this situation. Your cloud provider creates a backup for you on a regular basis. But it’s always recommended to have a backup even at your end and have an easy way to access them whenever necessary.

3) Monitor Cloud Environment

Enterprises shouldn’t just trust the service providers. They need to understand how the cloud environment works. You need to examine its performance, speed, and security. You need to keep a log of user activities and produce a red flag if there is any unusual activity.

4) Improved Security from User End

You need to make sure your employees are equipped with tools to handle data carefully. An employee moving the data back and forth can pose security threats if their devices are not secure. The first step in cloud security is training the user about the cloud environment your business is using.


Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the customer and the provider. Few responsibilities are always the providers’ like securing the cloud infrastructure. The responsibilities on the customer side include managing users, their access privilege, and managing compliance.

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