Healthcare Sector

    We specialize in hiring healthcare and other related specialists, both for permanent and contract roles.

    • Locally, in the US or Europe
    • Hire them in India and relocate them to the US or Europe where required.
    • Offshore in India (for remote roles)

Why Choose Sweven

Nicolas Black

Our Specialist In Healthcare Sector Staffing

We specialize in hiring healthcare and other related specialists, both for permanent and contract roles.


100000+ healthcare professional candidates’ repository.


An extremely strong global network of healthcare industry experts has been built over the years.


300+ strong candidate research teams with a special focus on hiring in the healthcare industry.


Healthcare and non-healthcare professionals working in the hospital and healthcare sector across permanent and contract positions.


Ability to meet stringent hiring SLAs around quality of candidates and timeline.


Global Presence: US, Europe, and Asia


Trusted partner to several healthcare & hospital chains across the United States.

See the full range of roles and more that we can support you with across North America, Europe, and Asia:

Our Speciality In Healthcare sector staffing

As leaders in healthcare sector recruitment, we have built the world’s largest repository of candidates available globally across multiple sectors within healthcare and related industries. Our repository and network allow us to help forward-thinking companies discover and engage with highly skilled professionals across multiple levels and disciplines, both white collar and blue-collar workers

Our repository, connections in the healthcare industry, and experience in hiring for different positions globally allow us to support our customers in finding the right talent at the right time within the right budget. We offer scale to large corporations that allows for large ramps and ramp downs as required, while we are committed to supporting start-ups in the healthcare industry that are hungry for talent in small numbers.

Our ability to understand varied healthcare-related job requirements and to identify and secure the right candidates in the industry, combined with the right recruitment tools, allows us to meet stringent SLAs around time to hire and quality of candidates, several of which require a range of certifications and security clearances

We cover hiring in multiple segments in the healthcare industry, which include Doctors and Physicians, Nursing, Healthcare Research and Lab, Therapy, Allied Health, Medical Image and Technology as well as other healthcare support functions. The roles that we hire range from Surgeons to Certified Nurses and from Medical Technologist to Physio Therapist and from Physical Assistant to CT/MRI Technologist.

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