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9 Trends Shaping the Future of IT


IT is on the brink of some irreversible changes. Every major company across the world is experiencing a shift in the business of technology.

A massive amount of data is being transferred every minute as businesses are using machines to manage their security and storage measures. Thanks to the emerging trends, the employees can focus on the work and eliminate the manual repeatable tasks.

To help you navigate these coming years, we have compiled the list of 9 trends you should be looking for. Trends that are going to shape the future of IT.

1) Automation

Automation is freeing up the business to focus on more strategic and efficient planning. The same thing will happen with IT. With automation taking over, half of the manual, repeatable IT tasks will be handled by automation.

Finding, extracting, and confirming the quality of data has been a time-consuming task for the IT department, but with automation, this can be done with a few clicks.

Freed from these tasks, the IT teams will have more resources to devote to grow the business. The automation will shift the approach from just operating the IT department to driving strategic decisions.

2) Speed

With automation in place, speed and agility will be at the forefront of every business decision. Technology initiatives that can help businesses operate faster and efficiently will be adopted quickly.

An industry that used to take half a decade to turn around technologically, will now take only a couple of years. The fast-changing pace of technology is making the IT team a key member in creating strategic

business decisions. IT is no longer just a back-office department but a key part of the business. This trend of IT will directly affect the bottom line of your workforce.

3) Security

The rapidly changing landscape of technology is also inviting a lot of challenges. And one of them is security.

The security threat is becoming complex and the IT teams are always left shorthanded. Businesses are understanding the importance of security and know what price they can pay for negligence. The demand for new security tools and talent is outpacing the supply. The IT team needs to be diligent and stay at the top of every possible threat.

As the threats evolve, security is likely to become an individual responsibility, and businesses need to train every individual employee on its basics.

4) Spend on Technology

As technology becomes a significant part of IT infrastructure, you’ll witness businesses spending their money on it. Cloud-based services are making businesses spend money throughout the organization.

Since marketing and business as a whole is becoming data-driven, technology is becoming central to how organizations work. The tools that were used to support the business earlier are now rigid. The IT teams need to build tools that can be flexible. You’ll witness a lot of developers being hired by IT team members or even by the marketing or business development team directly.

5) Collaboration between IT and other Business Units

The shift in IT is making it easier for businesses to collaborate with other business units. Earlier, the IT department used to work as a separate entity but thanks to modern technology, you can integrate the technology seamlessly.

As businesses are spreading the budget across departments to adopt new technologies, their collaboration with IT is going to significantly impact the adoption efficiency.

As businesses march towards digital and automation, the role of the non-tech department in adopting technology is going to matter a lot. Similarly, the role of IT in strategic decision-making is also going to be more important from here.

6) Agility

The partnership between IT automation and human intelligence will be a key in developing future business models. But to work it out, agility is going to be super important.

The most important trait for businesses to succeed in today’s time is how quickly they combine knowledge, technical expertise, and soft skills.

In short, the adaptability of the IT infrastructure will be vital for any business to succeed in the future.

7) Flexibility

With increased collaboration, the IT teams are expected to be flexible about their approach. Since the IT department falls into a highly technical side, there has to be a way to apply technology concepts across different departments for better communication.

The IT department will play a consultant role rather than being an order-taker. So developing flexible frameworks of communication and collaboration will be a key to success for organizations.

8) Symbiosis

The news about automation and AI can be alarming. But the current trends suggest that automation is creating opportunities – as long as we create a symbiotic relationship with the machines.

Any process that works on the repeatable process will eventually be automated. But that will leave a place for more creative, strategic work.

IT teams will be central in helping the companies improve their business processes. The meshing of machines with human intelligence will see a greater impact on business processes and decision-making.

9) Ubiquity

The current IT trends are indicating that businesses will adopt a real-time IT environment, where a person can get the right information at the right time. This will improve the ability to quickly provide technical solutions to any customer problem.

CEOs and managing heads need to become comfortable with machines making decisions and set systems in place for creating new solutions. The digital age will have IT solutions present throughout the organization in one form or the other.


IT stands at the center of all technological changes that are happening around organizations. The success of any business will largely depend on how quickly its IT infrastructure can adapt to the changing demands.

Massive data is being offloaded to machines, leaving your IT team to participate in a tactful and strategic decision-making process.

Collaborative technology is going to be the core of the IT revolution that’s going to unfold.

We hope the trends we described above gives you an understanding of what’s about to come.

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